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Berra Bites confirms that Strawberries+Choco=LOVE

As today we celebrate International Chocolate Day, let’s do this in style! Meaning that if you don’t have a pack of Berra Bites next to you, go buy it now from amazon!

Let me remind you that I started to have two homes in March. I live half period in Romania and half in Miami. I have discovered Berra Bites back in March, and ever since I make sure I always have one pack in the house, whether I am in the USA or in Europe. During the summer I will be only in Europe, so I have some Berra Bites supplies in the fridge.

Berra Bites is the apogee of chocolate, because:
  • Chocolate+Strawberries=LOVE (no more discussion needed)
  • It is free from artificial ingredients and preservatives
  • It is crafted with the highest quality of chocolate and fruits


I do not have a very developed sweet-tooth and I am very picky when it comes to deserts. I don’t want them to be too sweet and I must be sure it is natural. Berra Bites is definitely a go-to choice for me, as they use only high quality and natural ingredients. The fruit centers are made with real fruit, having no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or fruit juice concentrate.

As you could have already guessed, I prefer the dark chocolate version over the milk-chocolate, but this is just a mater of taste. Did you know that it is statistically proved that people living in the North of Europe will always chose less sweet desserts and as you go South, they add more sugar? Ever noticed how sweet the Turkish desserts are? And that the Belgians prefer dark chocolate? Well I must have been born somewhere in the North maybe, my face features resembles to the Danes (just kidding, not at all 😛 ).

mihaela guaru gif berra bites chocolate strawberry

So, whether you have a sweet-tooth well developed or less developed as I have, Berra Bites has the little treat that you have always needed. Find here the milk chocolate goodies and here the dark chocolate bites! Free shipping from amazon included ❤


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