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April is Cellulite’s Nightmare

April is here, so if you want that perfect #BeachBody, you should start to work for it right… NOW!

It is not a shameful subject to discuss about cellulite and you should embrace this issue that your body has, because every single woman has it in an inferior or advanced level.

But how do you fight against cellulite?
  • Anti cellulite creams and lotions – 0 (zero) effect
  • Treatments at beauty centers – effect will be visible after many sessions and $$$ spent
  • April – visible effect after only one session
Who is April?

April is my favorite therapist. April kills cellulite instantly, I have a felling that she hates every little adipose cell she spots. I’ve tried a lot of different anti-cellulite treatments, but nothing has as good and immediate results as April’s bamboo and shea/coconut butter massage.

You can find April only at THAIco Spa. She is originate from Bali and, besides the fact she is a pleasant company, she is the most effective therapist in bamboo massage. So if you really want to work on that Beach Body and achieve it as soon as possible, go now to Thai Spa and ask for April.

And about THAIco Spa, I will write more details soon on the blog. It is my favorite Spa in Bucharest and I am their client for about one year. Mae sure you come back and you will check that post as well. You will find out how you can relax and enjoy perfect treatments in Bucharest.

THAIco Spa

Address: Intrarea Sevastopol

Phone Number: +40 725 416 586

For anticellulite, ask for April. For other treatments, you can try any therapist from the Spa. All of them are Asian and schooled in Asia. You know this is the best place in the world for massage!


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