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Sometimes, Designers Screw It As Well When It Comes To Shoes

I am a woman. I love shoes. I adore designer shoes.

On the other side, I am terrified by some designer shoes. I am horrified by those who wear them. In fact, I am amused by the fashion victims, who buy products just because there is a logo on them. Who buy ugly shoes just because they are Chanel.


Few days ago I was on a shopping spree and I got stuck at Neiman Marcus in front of the shoe department. First, I saw Valentino. I fell in love, I cheated, I fell in love again, I could not decide upon the shoes, sandals and mules, all of them are gorgeous, perfectly manufactured and have great attention to details. I do not think the we are too over saturated with the rock stud details and I think that you agree with me.

I left Valentino and moved further to the next shoe racks. If at Valentino I would have cried because of desire, at other designers I could have cried for their ugliness.
For instance, let’s take a look together at what Chanel, Saint Laurent, Prada and others recommend us for this season. Left click on the images to see details about designer, price and the reason for which it belongs to this list.


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