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Gourmet Teas from India, with Love

I remember being 9th grade in High school. I was having a colleague who was very impressed by me, by the fact that I was always having an answer to her questions. She considered me intelligent and well educated, but one of the reasons will make you laugh.

She was considering me intelligent because I was drinking tea.

Back then, I was just building the foundation of a fine living. I was far from the knowledge I have today and far from understanding what a gourmet truly is. I did not know that teas can be gourmet too and that tea sommeliers exists.

Now I know what a good tea is. A good tea requires attention, a good tea is always fresh, a good tea is never cheap. A good tea is always 100% natural and has never met flavorings.
Tea Trunk is a brand that celebrates Gourmet Teas and Snigdha Manchanda, their tea Sommelier’s Promise is ~ “Enjoy Tea like it should be.”

India is well known and appreciated for the fine varieties of tea it produces. Tea Trunk curates the finest teas of India and crafts them into unique blends with all natural ingredients. Their sommeliers chooses only whole leaf teas, which are flavorful and healthy.

I spoiled myself with three of their tea creations: Rose Oolong, Marigold Green and Lavender White. I am enchanted by their freshness, the amplitude of their flavor and the savory taste. The teas come straight from India and they arrive pretty fast.

tea trunk gourmet teas from india sommelier green tea white tea oolong lavender rose

Tea Trunk has good reviews by magazines such as Elle and Good Homes and there is no wonder why they are so appreciated! They made tea an art and I do not mean only by the tea leaf, but also from the beautiful packaging, as well as the always charming description of each tea blend.


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