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Michael Kors – The Bags for a Fake Fashionista

Oh, Michael Kors – the subject I wanted to debate with you ever-since I restarted blogging. I am simply amazed by his overview of all this fashion life and, especially, over the fashion victims he created. But, most of all, I am shocked by you – the buyers of his lower line bags who consider that these are designer IT bags?!

Let’s make a brief over Michael Kors designs, with a special focus on the bags and then let’s draw the attention to his lower line, the more affordable one. There are two categories of pieces he creates, and also two types of people who wear them.

  1. He is a genius New York City-based American designer, that suits perfectly the American style. As most designers, he has an upper line – called simple Michael Kors Collection. For this high-end line he uses high-quality fabrics and the style is so simple, clean and perfect! The price for a bag in this upper line rarely mostly hits over $1000. but it is justified based on the fine leather and of the precise workmanship.
  2. Michael Kors affordable lines are Michael Michael Kors and Michael Kors Studio. These two have nothing to do with the high end line and we will discuss further more about them.

I often see so-called fashionistas owning a Selma, Jet Set or Ava bag/s from Michael Kors. I read shocking things on blogs, such as these bags are a dream for all the fashion girls. They also state that these designer bags are IT pieces and they are a must-have.

Nothing more wrong than this! The lower lines of Michael Kors bags do not include designer pieces! These models that we see everywhere today (Selma, Jet Set, Ava) are not designer bags and owning them does not give you the so-raved appurtenance to the upper class fashionistas.


Why Michael Kors bags are the bags of fake fashionista?
  • Price: Selma, Jet Set, Ava, Hamilton, Sloan, Mercer and so on are bottom line bags. They have an affordable price and, call it superficial but let’s face it – designer bag is like a membership card to an upper class fashionistas club, who does not accept bags under a certain amount.
  • The lower price reflects the inferior quality of Selma, Jet Set, Ava, Hamilton, Sloan, Mercer and so on. Did you even notice the craftsmanship? It is ridiculously awful!
  • Selma, Jet Set, Ava, Hamilton, Sloan, Mercer are made of PVC or second quality leather. All leather specialists will laugh of the quality of this doubtful material. Even though the etiquette says that it is real leather, it seems like it might not be real leather after all. Saffiano bags from MK seem like plastic.
3 Responses
  • gaby
    May 24, 2017

    Totally agree. I live in Canada and we see these MK cheap bags all over the place . Women wear them proudly as trophies of the middle price range designer bad taste products.

    • L
      June 12, 2017

      De acord, Mihaela, nici mie nu-mi plac deloc si nu inteleg pasiunea pentru ele. Dar poate nu e ok gestul facut in magazinul lui, tu fiind cumva “in vizita” la MK. Te pup cu drag, L

  • Mihaela Gurau
    June 12, 2017

    Este un magazin multi-brand, nu al lui :))
    Dar articolul are, totusi, cuvinte de lauda la adresa lui MK, eu il apreciez mult.

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