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What is an Influencer?

Us, the millennials generation, are coming with many changes. And the main thing would be, if you ask me, this relatively new concept of influencer.

We are a generation that lives our lives online, we wake up and fall asleep with Swipe Up and Scroll Down on our mind, which means we are eager to absorb all this information, whether more or less superficial, that is generated by a content creator, that is, an influencer.

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And yet, what is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media, as defined by the dictionary. Therefore, this influencer is a person that many people pursue and has the power to influence and inspire values ​​that it displays.

And now you can ask what values ​​have some influencers, those who promote life on the beach 365 out of 365 days, or what values ​​have the babes that take plenty of selfies. Or even what values ​​do I instill. Well, behind this apparent superficiality, there is also a positive energy, which our photos transmit, and through which we can call ourselves influencers, or, as the case may be, a micro influence.

Influencers are niche, each influencer belongs to a certain category, a certain age segment, social status, geographic positioning. And behind the nice image displayed on Instagram, it’s the work. On social media, the influencers will always be impeccable, the girls will wear makeup and and be stylish, followers don’t appreciate a bare @IwokeUpLikeThis, the followers want to see an aspiring image. On Instagram one does not show a ham sandwich (you’d rather not eat it …) and no there will be no moments when the infleuncers has no reason to smile.

Instagram does not care that you are cold and you have been freezing for a nice picture. Influencers do make an effort to be influential, and the greatest satisfaction is when they realize they have gathered a beautiful community of interesting people with whom they can link a virtual friendship, or perhaps even more.

I can no claim to call myself as an influencer at this moment. I am a micro influencer who spends several hours daily on social media and who has attended a TV show for this reason as well. I’m a stressful person when it comes to pictures, and all my friends and acquaintances know that if they invite me somewhere, out for a juice or for a trip at the mountains, they assume implicitly the role of photographer.

And for a small backstage detail, you will most often hear me say two things:

  1. I want pictures with blurred background!
  2. I need to increase my reach!

I am wearing

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