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Ideal Autumn Destinations for City Breaks

If you already know me, you know that I am born and raised in Europe and that my heart belongs here no matter what. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no better place to spend Autumn than, obviously, Europe! Reasons are countless, but let’s consider these to be the main: Weather is friendly enough, metropolises are not as full as in the high touristic season and, moreover, it is harvest season, meaning that we have the best fruits and vegetables 🙂

1. London

autumn touristic destinations amsterdam london milano istanbul


Yes, I have London on all my touristic recommendations, all my lists and everything, as it is my favorite city. If you have never been there before, do not get influenced by the weather advices you received before. Rain in London is just a short shower and the sky is actually pretty full of light, just take a look at my photos on Instagram and you will see.

Architecture in London is simply amazing, the city is full of life and there are some pretty good restaurants and nice cafes in England’s capital city. Shopping is also fantastic if you plan to spend big.

London is not a cheap city at all, but it is extremely diverse so you will definitely enjoy it! It sure has a little bit to offer to everybody.

I recommend you to opt for a hotel located near to the city center, so you will have straight access to airport and to all the  touristic destinations. The Westbury Hotel in Mayfair has a good rate this autumn and is in a very beautiful area.

A weekend in London can cost up to 1300 Euro for two person (airplane tickets from Europe, two nights accommodation and restaurants). Of course, you can go big and enjoy some delicious dishes by popular chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal or Jamie Oliver, but make sure your budget is generous 🙂


2. Amsterdam

Love it or hate it, I think this is the relationship one can have with Amsterdam. Personally, I do not enjoy the city so much, as I find the Dutch lifestyle not be to so lively and entertaining. But many people have it as a favorite destination, so I had to include it in the list.

I love Holland for the cheese, as Gouda is one of my favorites. Almost everybody that you will meet there speaks English, so this is also a bonus. In Amsterdam I enjoyed the tour on the canals and that is pretty much everything, but maybe you will be fascinated by the weed freedom and the Red Light District.

A weekend in Amsterdam can cost you up to 1000 euro for two person. Museum entrances are not free, as in London.


3. Istanbul

If you are lucky enough, Istanbul in Autumn can have amazing weather and September can be the best period to visit this city. The old Constantinople has a great history, so tourists can not get bored in a city break in Istanbul. If you have only two or three days in this city, I suggest you to visit the Dolmabahce over Topkapi Palace. Also add on your visiting list at least one Mosque and definitely you shall pay a visit to Yerebatan Sarnici.

Food is good all over Istanbul. My favorites are Iskender Kebap and Midye Dolma, so go look for them and you will not be disappointed.

As for accommodation, book yourself two or three nights at Le Meridien, if you want to be spoiled in luxury for only 130euro/night. A weekend in Istanbul shall cost you about 600 euros for two person (plane tickets from Europe, accommodation, Uber transportation, good food, entrances at museums).


4. Milano

autumn touristic destinations amsterdam london milano istanbul (1)

If you seek for the sales at all those fashion shops, then Milano is not the destination for you in Autumn. But if you just want to enjoy la vita bella with an Aperol, then go for it now.

Italy’s fashion capital is not the city for everybody, so if, assuming Milano -which is the 2nd richest city in the European Union- is boring for you, you have to know that it has easy access to Bellagio, Como and Lugano. Just rent a car or take the train to these three amazing cities.

Good food in Milano is just a myth: it is very hard to find. All the restaurants in the city center are awful. Make sure you have a list made according to TripAdvisor before hitting the city.

Make sure your hotel is in the city center, not further than the Central Station. A city break for two can cost up to 700 euros in this period.


All the prices that I gave above are an average for medium to high conditions. Of course you can find everything half price if you opt for hostels or maybe even Airbnb. The recommendations are based on to the cities I have visited and enjoyed.



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