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A European in Dubai for 48 hours (Part One)

I am a convinced European, a European who loves her continent, the climate, the traditions, the heritage, the mentalities and, moreover, I love the compact structure of a European city. But I am also a curious person, I am interested in having new experiences and to live cultural shocks.

Nevertheless, I admit I have always been reticent when in comes to Dubai. The rich city of Emirates does not have a very clean image among Occidentals and the ones who chose to be expats in Dubai are not, as us, the millennials, like to call – influencers.

How did land in Dubai?

A business trip brought me the possibility to go in Dubai for two days. Did I accept? Yes. Was I enthusiast. Not really. Did I enjoy? Yes.


A Modest European in Dubai

I packed pretty fast for Dubai, I packed some instagrammable outfits and very few basic clothes, such as jeans an T-shirts. I recommend you to think more than me when you pack for such a trip and realize that Dubai is a Muslim city that requires modest outfits. No, modest does not mean not to wear D&G and Armani, but it defines decent clothing, that will not intrigue the religious people.

Though the rules are not very strict, you would better avoid conflicts, so the luggage for Dubai should not contain exclusively bodycon tops and dresses, deep cleavage and mini skirts. But you shall also not pass in the other extreme. Maintain a minimum decency.

48 hours in Dubai

I wanted to see the city center in the first day. As my accommodation was in Jumeirah, I took the cab. The first stop was the famous Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building on Earth. It has 163 floors and no less than 828 m, it is a giant that goes over the clouds. Beautiful and photogenic, it is a very instagrammable spot in Dubai and these photos say it all.


I walked to Dubai Mall, the fifth biggest mall in the world. Despite my need to have walkable alleys in the city, walking from Burj Khalifa to Dubai Mall proved me Dubai is too hot to have promenade parts.

Dubai Mall has all the restaurants and stores that you could want. It has everything from America, London, Paris and many more under the same roof. Moreover, the shops have specials selections or even special collections that are available only in the Arabic countries. Such a place to do shopping, right?

Dubai Mall has a huge indoor aquarium, impressive indoor pools and also a dinosaur fossil – Diplodus Longus, that dates around 15o-155 million years ago. Outdoor are the impressive dancing pools, that start hourly and dance for few minutes on an Arabic song.

We took lunch at the mall. The variety of restaurants to choose from is huge, same is for cafes are confectioneries. We opted for Mado, a Turkish restaurant. This is what I chose:


We took a stroll in the Mall and then get back to the hotel for a short refresh. We took 5 o’clock tea at Jumeirah Al Qasr, followed by a short walk at the stores in that hotel’s gallery and on its oriental terraces. The view is amazing from here, you get to see Burj Al Arab, the only 7 starts hotel in the world.

jumeirah al qasr cappuccino dubai watermelon cocktail sweets

Mihaela Gurau Dubai European in Dubai vacanta Emirates Vacation Travel guide travel blogger dancing pool mall burj khalifa burj al arab

Mihaela Gurau Dubai European in Dubai vacanta Emirates Vacation Travel guide travel blogger burj al arab 1

We had dinner back at the hotel, at Indego by Vineet, where the chef has been awarded with Michelin stars, but specifically for other restaurants whose menus wear his signature. As a matter f fact, the food was fine and interesting.

Mihaela Gurau Dubai European in Dubai vacanta Emirates Vacation Travel guide travel blogger dancing pool mall burj khalifa burj al arab indego by vineet


First Part of my Dubai experience ends here. Come back for the Second Part next Monday 🙂

Part II will present you the food we indulged  at Indego by Vineet, how the first day in Dubai ends, how I spent the second day and furthermore, general impressions about Dubai.




2 Responses
  • Luminita
    October 23, 2017

    Draga Mihaela, am citit cu placere si interes postarea ta, imaginile sunt extraordinare din locul in care, sincer, imi doresc sa ajung si eu, dar, doar pentru o scurta escapada turistica. sunt si raman fidela propriului nostru continent, asa cum ai spus si tu din aceleasi motive. Dar imi plac excursiile in locuri diferite din lume, nu extreme insa. Cred ca ma apasa un conservatorism de care incerc sa ma debarasez si reusesc, doar uneori, insa in situatii importante, cred eu.
    Felicitari pentru vizita facuta si astept cu bucurie o reintalnire pe aceasta cale! Pana una, alta, mult succes in ceea ce faci si, sper, iti place!

  • Feble
    October 23, 2017

    *tinute instagramabile* :)))

    You are funny!!

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