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Pinky Promise

I pinky promise to me I will focus more on my goals.

I pinky promise to you that I will be more active on the blog.

I pinky promise to you that everything is better in pink.

I heard that you want to know more…

I heard that you want to know more about how I spent my Easter Holliday. I actually heard that you want to know more of my mysterious life, the secrets that I hide, the telenovelas that I create. Well, let’s get to the intro and then see if I can give you more this time, or you shall return.

Easter is a Family Holiday, and as my family is spread, it was pretty hard
to decide where to go so hey, I chose the easiest way: stay at home, with Mom. We cooked some good food, watched our one and only favorite TV series – “The Protector”, went for some little shopping, relaxation at its purest form. No extravaganza, nothing spectacular. My Grandparents live at the country side, about 250km far from me and my favorite aunt’s family moved to London long time ago. I would have really loved to visit London, but something really stopped me from the inside. So instead, me and Mom had a Basic Home Easter.


I pinky promise to me I will focus more on my goals.

Basic Home Holiday or not, that does not mean I put my brain on vacation. I
dedicated all these days to my social media activities and to all my Instagram campaigns, I took so many photos for the projects I’ve been working on and prepared so many materials for my online platforms. As I recently reached 50k+ followers on Instagram, I feel like I finally achieved one of my biggest goals and from now on I have to be more dedicated. During my Easter Holiday I did a lot a work for Instagram and I set many new goals for the next year. Not only for Instagram, as some of you already know that I also have a job – concert organizer.

I am not so much into traveling lately, so I enjoyed my easy Easter Celebration. Oh, by the way:  I had time to make my wishlist for the moment, and it sure includes this pair of Steve Madden Sandals that you can find at Humanic.Steve Madden Madeline Block Platform Black HighHeel Sandals Womens

I pinky promise to you that I will be more active on the blog.

I did neglect a bit the blog last… hmm, let’s say couple of months (ok, 36 months, I said it). But having so many vacation days really made me come up with interesting subjects. I know you want to know more about myself, I know I keep lowkey and play mysterious, but maybe soon you deserve to get to know the real me. I know you like the gossips, so stay close, I am more telenovela than one can ever imagine. Hibernating Season is over, so get ready for the special summer episodes!


I pinky promise to you that everything is better in pink.

Well… It simply is. I do not have words to describe this, it is a fact and you know it. Life is better in pink. Spring is better in pink, Easter is better in pink, my outfit is better in pink, my shoes are better in pink, my eyeshadow is better in pink  – and these are just some easy examples of myself. Just try to walk a mile in my pink Humanic shoes and you will see I am right.

Humanic Shoes SS 2019 Spring Easter Pink


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  • Fashion Mozo
    January 21, 2020

    Beautiful and Pretty Dress for Girls. This dress looks gorgeous on you.

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