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Surround yourself by the luxury of SILK with THX Silk

Silk is known to be only for a select few, the material was so highly prized that the lustrous fabrics were reserved exclusively for the royalty. From the ancient Chinese dynasties, to the Byzantine Emperors and Roman Emperors, silk became the hallmark of well-off. By the 3rd century AD, the Roman Emperor Heliogabalus, who reigned 218-222, reportedly wore nothing but silk.

I am a self-thought connoisseur of fabrics and for me, silk is undoubtedly the apogee of luxury. The finesse of silk makes it a delight for the sense of vision and, moreover, to the sense of touch. THX Silk brings this luxury closer to us with a wide variety of high-quality silk products to the bedding and beauty market.

THXSILK Silk Sleep Wear Precious Luxurious Finest Fabric Mihaela Gurau Relax

Silk Bed sheets, eye masks, sleepwear –  they are all essential for a modern princess like you! Not only giving you a delicate and grace hug, but also helping your skin stay smooth and hydrate.

I choose only the best for myself, I love to surround myself in precious fabrics and most of my sleep wear items are made of 100% mulberry silk. I love this set from THX Silk, it is made from high quality silk, the texture is so dense and smooth and my skin thanks me for it!

Did you know that silk pillow cases are a necessity for your skin and for your hair?

There are so many reasons for which you should change your old pillow case with a brand new silk one! Not to mention that it’s a true luxury experience, here are only a few benefits that a silk pillow case can offer you:

  • Help your skin retain moisture
  • Less friction on skin or hair prevents irritation or damage
  • It’s naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Reduce bed head and split ends.
  • It’s a true luxury experience
THXSILK Silk Sleep Wear Precious Luxurious Finest Fabric Mihaela Gurau Jump

And if changing only the pillow case to a brand new silk one can offer you so many benefits, imagine how will you feel by wearing silk sleep wear and even by changing your entire bed sheets with silk ones! THX Silk offers you a beautiful variety of all the silk necessities you have!

Use the exclusive code: thxmihaela for 10% off for your entire order. Enjoy luxurious and affordable shopping! 💙


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